About Alarmphone Schweiz

The Watch The med Alarmphone as created in October 2014 by activist networks and civilian entities in Europe and Northern Africa. The project has set up a self-organized hotline for refugees in distress in the Mediterranean Sea.

It offers the affected boat-people an additional option to make their distress signal heard. The alarm phone documents each case and mobilizes help in real-time. This way, pressure can be raised on government agencies wherever possible and push-backs and other forms of human rights violations of refugees and migrants at sea can be prevented.


Thus, the Alarmphone is not a rescue number, but an alarm number to support and coordinate rescue operations.

The various coast guards are informed about this project and we are seeking a respectful cooperation with them”. If the coast guards do not act swiftly, we will, on the one hand, try to prompt rescue operations through public pressure. On the other hand, attempts will be made to contact cargo ships and commercial vessels in the vicinity of the vessel in distress, to ask for assistance in the rescue.


Who we are

The Alarmphone is operated by volunteers. The Alarmphone Schweiz consists of three regional groups: Berne, Zurich and Basel. The declared goals of the association are:


  • Financial and logistical support of an Alarmphone for refugees in distress in the Mediterranean Sea;
  • To inform the public and raise awareness for the situation of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea;
  • To inform refugees in transit countries, with the help of partner organizations, about the dangers of crossing the Mediterranean Sea by boat; 
  • Alarmphone Schweiz has no commercial interests. All activists are working without pay;




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    Watch The Med Alarmphone Schweiz

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