About Alarmphone

Watch The Med Alarmphone is a project launched in October 2014 by a transmediterranean network of civil society actors. The Alarmphone is not a rescue number, but an emergency number to organize support and rescue.

Alarmphone offers refugees in distress a second possibility to transmit their call for help to the responsible coastguards. Cases are documented in real time and, if necessary, further support is mobilised. In this way, pressure is exerted on the responsible authorities to prevent human rights violations, such as push-backs. The coast guards are informed about the activities of the Alarmphone and a respectful and cooperative contact with all rescue units is aimed for.

Watch The Med Alarmphone Switzerland is registered as a non-profit association in Zurich. It coordinates telephone shift teams and organises logistical and financial support for the emergency telephone infrastructure, as well as documentation and public relations work. The Alarmphone is run by volunteers and has no commercial purposes.